Terms of delivery
and right of return

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Terms of delivery and right of return outside Germany

The following terms and conditions and the indication of prices in this terms of delivery exclusively apply outside Germany. As for Germany, there are special terms and prices, which you can see above (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen für den Versand innerhalb Deutschlands).
Whithin three weeks after receipt of your order, we will send you an invoice on your choice by post, fax or mail. Having sent us the money on the amount of our invoice per mail or credit transfer, we deliver the ordered goods to you within three weeks. All payments must be made in Euro. Please make shure that all bank charges go on your account. Payment by credit card is not possible. In order to reduce costs for money transfers from European countries please give our International Bank Account Number DE53 5065 2124 0024 1002 73 and the SWIFT-BIC of our bank HELADEF1SLS.
Delivery will be made at your risk and cost. We charge postage and packing due to following reates: The goods will be despatched by regular mail and freight will be charged at cost on Customer's invoice. The usual freight charges are: 6,50 € for letters up to 250 g; 10,00 € for small packets up to 2kg, and 15 € for parcels that weigh more than 2kg. Any custom duties or taxes for shipping the goods to countries outside the EU will be at the Customer's cost. Possibly incurring taxes or import fees are to the account of you as customer. Possibly incurring taxes, import fees or any other charges are on your account.
All goods delivered remain our property until payment will be made in full.
Minor changes in colour or size of the ordered goods do not constitute a defect. In case there are any defects on our responsibility we are entitled on our sole discretion to either repair or replace the goods. If the second attempt to repair the goods fails or if we are neither ready nor able to replace the goods, you are entitled to claim for a reduction of price or cancellation of the contract. We must be notified about patent defects immediately in writing, at the latest two weeks upon the receipt of the consignment. Otherwise the warranties are forfeited.
A more far-reaching liability for damages caused by a defect we can only assume in case of intention or gross negligence.
You have to cover expenses for return of goods with a value up to 40 €, exept we did not deliver the goods that you ordered.
All prices on this web page are in Euro include VAT. We cannot take responsibility for any misquoted price in this web pages
All agreements between you and us are governed by and construed in accordance with German law excluding the CISG.

End of "Terms of delivery outside Germany".

Nachfolgende Geschäftsbedingungen und Rückgabebelehung gelten nur für den Versand außerhalb Deutschlands /Stand 02.05.2009 (Terms of delivery and right of return outside Germany as at 02.05.2009)

Legal Instructions: Right of return

In accordance with Civil Code §356, the customer is entitled to a special right of return for orders in the mail-order business, within a 2-week period after delivery and receipt of this legal instruction. The revocation does not require a reason. However, it must take place in writing (on another durable data medium), or by returning the goods to BUND. To protect this period, punctual sending of the revocation or goods to the following address below is sufficient.
The customer accepts the return end expenses with goods valued at up to 40 €. The customer will receive a refund for the return end expenses with a goods value over 40 €. After the goods have been received by DBGG, DBGG is obligated to refund any payments.
However, a compensation with returns must be paid for the use of the goods. These claims only appear as a result of any use of the received goods, and not from the exercise of the revocation right.

End of "Legal Instructions: Right of return". If you have questions please contact:
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